The Inspirational Magic for Mind Body Happiness is A Daily Practice

Inspirational Magic Practice

It might seem odd that a daily practice would be the inspirational magic to mind and body happiness. After all, we often think of inspiration as that spark of magic that comes out of the blue. We, of course, are always glad to receive it from wherever or whenever it comes.

But why wait? Because you may be waiting a long time. And, I quote, “Waiting for inspiration is like standing at the airport waiting for a train.”

In my work, I hear the chant a lot. ‘I’m just not motivated’ or ‘I’m waiting to be inspired’.

Let’s clear something up before we go on. Inspiration comes first, before motivation. Because it’s the doing of that something that is, in fact, what builds the motivation to continue. So, let’s dig deeper to find out how inspiration works and can we create it.

Inspirational Magic for Mind and Body Happiness

We’re always waiting for it, yet it seems so elusive. What is inspiration? And how do we create it? Or can we?

Inspiration is the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something. It contains a passive aspect and an active aspect.

Passive inspiration is when you see, read or hear someone that leads you to want to improve yourself. You’re not doing anything yourself, but you feel inspired by someone else’s ideas or success.

Active inspiration is when someone leads you to want to actively create or build something where you’re applying your ideas to your goals. From the study of inspiration by Daniel Chadborn and Stephen Reysen (2016), Texas A&M

It’s the active inspiration that propels you forward and carries us far. It’s where we learn the most, “…inspire you more than anything someone else could say.” “Passive inspiration can give you ideas, but active inspiration will give you momentum.”

What we’re looking for is an experience or a practice that has the possibility of lasting for good, maybe even for a lifetime. To be inspired to create that experience of happiness in mind and body, a change has to take place.

Three Things to Consider for Inspirational Magic

1) That initial spark, a passive hint or a glow that stimulates and excites us needs to be present. It may come from something we’ve read, seen or heard. This is the easy part. We all know how to get passively inspired. Just look around. We see, read, and hear tons of ideas and passive inspirations daily. Then…

2) Ask if this new idea aligns with your core values? How much value does this idea hold for you? And why?

For your idea to turn into an active inspiration with the goal to experience happiness in mind and body, or any goal for that matter, a deeper evaluation must take place.

Because without thoroughly understanding just how important the idea and goal is to you, i.e., what value it holds for you, you won’t get to experience nor to the possibility of it ‘lasting for good’.

How will the goal of experiencing happiness in mind and body impact your life? What will you have to change or shuffle around to accommodate its practice?

In order to propel you forward, finding new ways to do things, applying new ideas, new strategies, new learnings all start with understanding why you want it.

3) You must practice to master.

How to Bring the Magic and Light Up Your Brilliance Even More

Have you ever sat down and reviewed your last 6 months or past year’s accomplishments?

Have you compared and analyzed it to what you had hoped to get done?

Were your accomplishments in integrity with your values? Now, what the heck do I mean by that and how the heck are you supposed to do that??? Here’s how:

Build Awareness.

What actions are you taking on a daily basis?

We often do things on a daily basis just out of habit. Habits are a tool of the brain, and while some habits are truly important and impact our lives in all aspects, like the exercise habit, some habits…ehhh…well, not so good. Do I hear an Amen to that!