Muffin Top Exercises for Over 50 to Burn the Fat and Reshape Your Abs

Updated: Mar 20

Muffin top exercises are always welcomed, especially by those of us over 50. Muffin tops and belly fat become bigger issues as we mature. So, as personal trainers, we have put together some muffin top exercises to help you burn the fat and reshape your abs.

Body fat starts a steady increase starting in our 30s. By the time we’re 50, we tend to have one-third more fat than when we were younger. Unfortunately, this fat builds up around the middle creating those muffin tops and belly fat.

And while 90% of our fat is subcutaneous (that which you can pinch and lives right under the skin), it’s the last 10% of visceral fat that causes damage. Excess fat isn’t good no matter what, but it’s what lies underneath that becomes the problem.

Underneath the subcutaneous fat of muffin tops and belly fat is visceral fat. Visceral fat sits between our organs. As it gets bigger, the visceral fat pushes up and increases the size of our waistlines.

Here’s a way to check for visceral fat. Are your pants getting too tight at the waist? If so, that’s a good indicator that the visceral fat is growing.

Fat was once thought of as inactive, just a blob sitting around waiting to be burned up by activities. Research has found that visceral fat, however, is a biologically active endocrine organ that secretes proteins called cytokines. These cytokines cause a low level of inflammation. It’s the chronic low level of inflammation that leads to a variety of health issues and diseases.

Besides being unhealthy, muffin tops and belly fat just isn’t attractive. It interrupts what could possibly be a relatively smooth physique with lumps, bumps and spare tires. We’re always looking for ways to enhance our appearance. Having a muffin top spilling over your jeans or belly fat poking out much further than your toes just doesn’t meet the criteria.

While we want some fat on our body, the unfortunate part is that muffin tops and belly fat is very stubborn to get rid of. The unfortunate fact is that our body doesn’t reach for this fat storage when it comes to fueling for energy expenditures, at least not efficiently.

Not all is lost. Exercise comes to the rescue once again and as it does with many, I dare say, most situations that plague us. For your convenience, Vigor and Trim makes exercise accessible with a variety of online workouts particularly for over 50 to burn the fat. We also have group classes you can join.

Muffin top exercises for Over 50 to burn the fat and reshape your abs have a few components. There’s the aerobic component, the strength component and the definition component. You’ll find the videos below are muffin top exercises that can be applied to all components.

Of course, just doing one muffin top exercise isn’t going to get you to your goal of burning fat and reshaping your abs. But it’s a good place to start to get your muscles and nervous system familiar with the movement. Keep practicing them on a regular and consistent basis, and you’ll begin to see a change. Now, won’t that be glorioski!

Your pants will fit, you’ll feel better, look better and have more energy. You have nothing to lose but fat.

I would be remiss in my responsibility if I didn’t tell you that it takes more than exercise to reach your fat burning goal. Your diet plays a big role in muffin top and belly fat production. Stress levels and genetics also have a finger in the pie. We just happen to have some info on that right here.

Today, however, we’re going to focus on muffin top specific exercises to fire up those abs. Our goal is three-pronged: warm up the core, incorporate core stabilization and bring some definition to the abdominals. We’ll catch a few other muscle groups while we’re at it.

High Plank with Alligator Knee

Pull your belly button up to the ceiling and shoulders down the back.

Bring one knee up to the same side elbow, keeping the knee and lower leg parallel to the floor. Back to High Plank. Repeat on the other leg.

Windshield Wiper with Bent Knees

Lie on your back with arms extended from shoulders and palms on the floors.

Abs engaged with belly button to the floor. Bring both knees up to 90 degrees from the hip and 90 degrees at the knee.

Slowly drop both knees over to one side keeping shoulders on the floor.

Bring both knees up to center.

To advance this move: Straighten both legs, repeating move.