Focus on Your Strengths and Free Yourself from An Unhealthy Body

Updated: Aug 5

Focus on your strength freedom

Focus on your strength and free yourself from that unhealthy body by recognizing your power, standing in your courage and being bold to approach health and fitness with a different mindset.

You’ll become more kind to self, you’ll be able to live life more fully and you’ll be able to live in better health.

Studies show that by focusing on your strengths and working to improve those, you can achieve a whole host of good results. More success and better health can all be more available to you. Why, you may even get to be happier, too!

It’s true, good health can come in all sizes. But, when we take a look at the trajectory of weight gain of Americans, a more alarming picture emerges. It is now estimated that over 40% of Americans are overweight. Men, women, and children are creeping up the obesity graph.

It’s not just being overweight that’s the concern, although it is one and it causes many issues all by itself. Being undernourished has been raising its head. With the state of our food source and increase of processed foods, we are becoming overweight and undernourished.

I’m convinced that people would rather be healthy than not. No one sets out to increase their risks of diseases or decrease the quality of their life. And no one wants to be part of the billion dollars spent on diet plans when results are illusive and/or short lived.

These are not small incidental things. Grim perhaps, but all is not lost. It’s time to re-focus and make some changes. After all, if you haven’t gotten the results you’re looking for, something has to change.

Focus on The Things that Matter

Re-construct your approach to food. Give it a long thought and consider what does it take to obtain and maintain good health. More importantly, evaluate why achieving and maintain good health is important to you.

Focus on your strength that matters

Your strength comes in being able to focus your effort and energy to learn new ways and approaches. You’ll soon be able to define a standard for yourself that’s life-long.

Chiding yourself in whatever bad self-talk you do best to shame yourself just to falsely build determination to start on a diet is never productive or fun, and certainly doesn’t do anything for the soul, let alone the body.

Rather, by focusing on your strengths you can free that unhealthy body with a much kinder to self, and certainly more positive approach to obtaining health that’s sustainable.

Setting a standard takes into consideration self-evaluation, food evaluation and food source evaluation. You can then determine the type of food and the amount you’ll need as well as the timing of when to eat your meals.

You’ll have the confidence to take action, and the ability to make adjustments along the way that are sound and informed, because nothing is perfect and there’s no such thing as perfection.

Gather up your strength and be bold so that you can rid yourself of the diet grind. No more having to climb the hill of willpower and restriction. That never works anyway

This is the blueprint to nourish your body, soul, and mind where you’ll be able to free yourself from that unhealthy body for good.

Strengthen Your Resilience

Good health isn’t merely the lack of disease or infirmity. Rather, it’s the ability to recover and bounce back. Good health is having so much energy that it is coming out of your ears.

It’s not just about how strong your butt looks but how strong your butt really is.

Resilience is learning how to thrive through the stressful, uncomfortable moments. Body movement is a perfect place to learn that skill.

“How well your body adapts to and absorbs stresses, especially

unusual and unexpected ones is called resilience.”

Focus on your strength movements

It takes practice to bounce back, and it takes nurturing your body, brain and the relationships around you. It’s the self-care part where we go astray thinking we don’t have time, or that it’s not as important as some other responsibility we’re looking at. Wrong!

Part of developing a healthy body is developing healthy habits in eating, phys