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Donnalynn and Jennifer are two creative women steeped in fitness and health and inspired by traditional and innovative forms of exercise and movement. They design strategic fitness and health programs for adults 50 and over. Their exercise programs will invigorate and inspire you to experience life differently, in a body that feels good, moves well, and looks good.

The earlier you start in fitness and health, the more advantage you will have in determining how you mature successfully, from how you perform daily activities to just plain feeling good!  It’s never too late to start.

When you join Vigor & Trim, you will be a welcomed member of the community, supported by like-minded people looking to improve their health and fitness, just like you.

picture of Donnalynn


Fitness Trainer, Co-Founder

          As a young girl, Donnalynn noticed the new-found strength in her body and experienced the afterglow of a good workout. As she worked towards excelling techniques and skills, the clarity and confidence she experienced was undeniable. From that point on, she became a devotee to body movement, studying dance, gymnastics, martial arts, running, swimming and Bikram Yoga. In 1980, she joined the fitness industry to guide others in achieving their fitness and health goals.

          Donnalynn sustained injuries in her early days of sports participation. Early on, doctors had told her to stop what she was doing because of the severity of her injuries. They told her she was lucky to be walking, and worried that things would go terribly wrong if she continued. Unwilling to accept that prognosis, Donnalynn dived into her studies, and with persistent work, she was able to restore her body, rid herself of pain she once thought was lifelong and has been able to continue with the activities she loves.  She realized that it was, in fact, her active lifestyle that kept her strong, upright and walking.

          This experience played a big part and continues to inspire Donnalynn to guide and teach others how to restore and regain their ability to work with their bodies for improved fitness and health. In addition to Vigor & Trim, Donnalynn runs her own personal training business, The Bodyfit Solution.

Donnalynn’s Training: American College of Sports Medicine Exercise Physiologist, Precision Nutrition Master Exercise Nutrition Coach, Z Health R Phase Neurology of Elite Performance, The BioMechanic Method Corrective Exercise Specialist

          A former marketing executive and mother of two, Jennifer struggled to balance her family and career while neglecting her health. At age 44, she was overweight with low back, neck and shoulder pain, plus carpal tunnel syndrome in both wrists. In 2014, Jennifer decided to prioritize her health and fitness. She changed her eating and exercise habits and lost 18 pounds equaling 15% of her body weight.

         The changes she experienced inspired her to start a second career in mid-life as a fitness instructor, helping others gain control of their health. Now over 50, she coaches clients in fitness and nutrition, specializing in Pilates. She also enjoys bicycling, alpine skiing and hiking with her family.

         In addition to Vigor & Trim, Jennifer runs her own personal training business, Fitphoria. She also instructs at RockSalt Pilates.

Jennifer’s Training: National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer, Balanced Body Education Comprehensive Pilates Training, Precision Nutrition L1 Coach, SCW Fitness Education Senior Specialization and Group Instruction, TRX Training, Pilates Method Alliance member

Learn about Jennifer's transformation here.

picture of Jennifer


Get Inspired by Real People



Bahar transformation
Tina transformation

Fitness Trainer, Co-Founder



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Agnes face

Agnes, Designer & Client

I keep singing Donnalynn’s praises while recovering from foot surgery.  Getting up from a chair using one leg, shimmying up the stairs on my behind (hello triceps) and keeping my balance while standing on my ‘good’ leg is so much easier with the fitness, balance and strength I have acquired while working with Donnalynn.

Eva face

Eva, Writer & Client

At the start of the pandemic, it was hard for me to stay motivated around fitness. I became sedentary and felt bad about my lack of physical activity. When I found out Jennifer offers mat Pilates classes over Zoom, I was beyond excited because I enjoyed working with her in the past.  As we work together twice a week, I have improved in my flexibility, strength, endurance and have experienced the added benefit of stress relief. Thank you, Jen, for helping me feel better physically as well as mentally!

mel face

Mel, Lovin' Life & Client

We started training July of 2017 and I have to say, for me, she is by-fair the finest trainer I have worked with.  But that is not all.  Donnalynn has been also couching me in correct ways to nourish my body so that I have lost 6 or 7 pounds while firming up and becoming so much more flexible then I have been since I was in my thirties.  I can now move my body in was that I thought I would never be able to ever again.

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Silas face

Silas, Accountant & Client

I really enjoy working with Jennifer. As a former college athlete, I am very critical and passionate about fitness and training. I'm impressed how she's able to provide very useful and helpful techniques to help me reach my fitness goals! Thank you Jennifer!

Julie face

Julie, Teacher & Raving Fan

I sit at the computer for hours each day and I found that if I take a 10-15 minute BODY BREAK, I feel better, stronger, and can go back to the computer screen with more joy and less stress. I keep a set of weights by my desk and on the weekends, I do more strengthening exercises with Donnalynn. Her combinations are unlike any others I've found. She's a real person, with realistic maneuvers, that ready my body, mind, and spirit for a great day. 

donna face

Donna, Activist & Client

Jennifer’s customized personal training regimen has kept me fit and able to participate in all the sports I love.  She keeps up on the best training techniques and develops a unique plan for every one of her clients.  I highly recommend Jennifer and know she will provide unmatched training for your needs! 

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